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At Tucker Financial, our mission is helping people retire happy! We’re a boutique, family-run firm that offers the same services of Wall Street giants, but with personalized, Main Street service. We feel privileged to help our customers design retirement income plans, optimize their Social Security benefits, invest in their retirement, plan college funding and much more. How can we help you?


Retirement Income Planning

Without reliable income, you can’t retire happy. The first step in determining when you can retire is knowing how you will replace your income with certainty. We educate our clients on the various types of retirement investments and annuity products, and help them carefully choose the most reliable and most efficient income-producing assets.

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Social Security Optimization

Without optimizing Social Security, you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the government’s table. Of course, you need to know when and how to claim Social Security as it relates to your retirement portfolio or other pensions. Mistakes can be permanent, so you don’t want to sign up and receive benefits without first doing some careful analysis.

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Investing in Retirement

Some of us need more money, some of us want more. Once you’ve carefully selected retirement income products that, together with Social Security, create an income floor, the rest of your portfolio is appropriate for investment. We educate clients on how to invest these remaining dollars according to their values, need for growth and appetite for risk.

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Efficient Tax Planning

Many topics we discuss require a detailed knowledge on the tax treatment of your retirement portfolio. For instance, how much of your Social Security will be taxed, what will you pay in capital gains tax on investments, should you convert an IRA to a ROTH IRA, and so on. We advise our clients on how best to enjoy their taxable and tax-deferred money.

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The Tucker Difference

At Tucker, we take a confident, not fearful, approach to retirement. These should be the best years of your life, where you “work your plan” so you don’t have to “plan your work!” In a nutshell, our mission is to show you how to scale back on the things you’ve HAD to do: like saving money, working late and taking risk, and enter a new era of doing the things you WANT to do: like spending money, relaxing and creating financial security. To do this, we specialize in the retirement transition phase of life. Our favorite clients are those that come in thinking they have to work for several more years, and then we show them how they can turn in their notice the next week! It may be that you’ve already crossed the career finish line and yet you’re still running needlessly! Or perhaps you’d just like to know where the finish line is so that you can run hard and finish well. That’s the life-changing information that we provide. As an independent financial fiduciary, we have the same tools at our fingertips as a colossal brokerage firm, but provide “boutique” client service and experience, with an unswerving commitment to doing what’s in your best interest.

You may have grown your wealth with someone else, but now it’s time for a retirement advisor to help you navigate a new era. Come and talk to us and see for yourself why you should RETIRE WITH TUCKER.